Chief Executive Officer shani peach shotShani Muhammad is an educator, published author and professional journalist. She’s currently completing her her master’s degree in new media journalism from Full Sail University. Her passion for education and entrepreneurship has led her to becoming an author of books.

Her most recent project is a picture book for children that she co-wrote with her husband, Patrick Muhammad. The book is entitled“Patrick Turns His Play Into Pay”. “Patrick Turns His Play Into Pay” is a picture book, based on a true story. It details the journey of an entrepreneur, Patrick Muhammad through the eyes of a child. The book uses illustrations that are vivid and lively words, to explain the road little Patrick took to the world of entrepreneurship. This book shows the reader how Patrick turned his passion of baking into a full-fledged business for himself. This book plants an entrepreneurial seed in today’s youth and demonstrates how their passion can someday become their profession.

Currently, she’s building relationships with non-profits and corporations so that her book can be made available at no-cost to disadvantaged youth. Her current books, press tours and signings can be found on twitter @playintopay and her personal Shani has spent the last few years of her career as an author, freelance journalist and high school television production teacher. It is her dream to one day use her skills as a writer and educator to author a series of books to be used in schools and libraries worldwide to further educate tomorrow’s business leaders.